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What Network Franchisee will do :

  • Connect with businesses in your local area of choice in your city and subscribe them to the Network
  • Help them uploading thier business contents on the Network
  • Do little bit of marketing in your local area so businesses under your account get orders
  • Log In to your account and track work, earnings and all in the system

How Network Franchisee will earn :

  • Franchisee gets agreed upon percentage of Order Processing Fee that we charge to the businesses

What is the start up cost to Network Franchisee :

  • No Cost

What support Network Franchisee will get from us :

  • Our experts will guide you and train you on optimizing efforts to maximize outcome
  • Our marketing efforts will have indirect benefits for your comfort
  • As per your recommendations, we will offer gifts to some of the businesses under your account on behalf of you as your appreciation

Who qualifies to become Network Franchisee :

  • Preferably businesses who are distributors, dealers, B2B Marketers, B2C Marketers, Door-to-Door Marketers, Telemarketers or in Delivery Services
  • Any individual, start-up firms can also be accepted

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