About Us

Why do local businesses still need to stick with the traditional way of selling products and be bound by time to keep shops open and shut. That’s where we started thinking of this niche and came up with the thought to run an online network of local businesses by city across the globe – Net.AgileMall.com, where businesses get orders round the clock and customers shop when they are free, sitting on the couch.

We, as Net.AgileMall.com, are a team of Gurus bringing strategic visions and prodigy skills onboard. With years of experience in serving technology to the diverse needs and in value propagation, we have carved ourselves in the “You First” attitude.

Net.AgileMall.com is backed by Agile Business Solutions Canada Inc. a Canadian company founded in 2010 by group of Canadian SMEs. With years of experience in both technology and business, we believe in Serve Customers, Listen Customers and Delight Customers to succeed.

Our other projects are Portal.AgileMall.com for global online selling and AgileMall.com where users can create websites, online stores, web networks, web portals and advertising sites without writing a single line of code.

Our platforms are powered by Amazon Web Services.

Our Values

Agility: As we have portrayed in our name, we are very dynamic in adopting rising needs and wants of the market. We keep planning for progressive enhancements to benefit our clients.

Alignment: We walk extra miles in order to ensure alignment between what we deliver and what our clients want.

Awareness: Our work and work processes are fairly transparent. We make sure that everyone is clearly aware of relevant information. We believe, availability of the right information to the right people on the right time, is the key to success.

Customer Focused Approach

We work hard to serve you, not for our comfort. We believe to earn customers than the revenue. All our efforts are pointed to the one and only goal which is to keep our clients delighted. Hence, our work approach and work processes are customer biased.

Technical Capabilities

We profoundly understand the fluidness of the technological advancement, hence we have prepared ourselves to accept such challenges to address upgrades and fixes to keep Net.AgileMall.com trendy.